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The Full Story


Sondra Boone is a registered member and recognized artist of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, ( Lenape).  

As well as a registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
Both Federally recognized. We fight today for the survival of their memories.

My husband of 39 years and high school sweetheart is Marvin Boone.

Marvin is an amazing lapidary and metal smith.

Together we design and handmake our jewelry using Sterling, 14k, 18k, Copper and leather.

From Sterling rings to bracelets, beaded necklaces and more.

We collect Turquoise from around the world to include many American
mines that have been closed for years. Turquoise has become quite expensive and collectable. 

Our collection includes the magic of Australia, the Opal is fantastic, and so are the people who mine it. 


From the first piece of lapidary equipment to the first vintage stones, We have been blessed and try to honor each piece.

My people created beauty out of loss and suffering.
If we can find love and respect thru history, if we can create beauty with this earth, so can the world. 
I honor Honey in this venture, if there was ever an angel on earth it was momma, and I am humbled that she is guiding me in this adventure. To Honey, Wanishi (Thank you)  Ktaholel. (I love you).



It is our desire to share Mother Earths beauty. To bring a moment of peace and contentment. If we can touch a live with our art, we are the most blessed of people. 


To honor my ancestors. To ensure the coming generations are aware of their history. To know the beauty of their people and the gifts they are to this Earth. We are humbled to share that journey with anyone that would love to touch that beauty.

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