Sondra Boone is a registered member and recognized artist of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, (Lenni Lenape). As well as a registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
Both Federally recognized. My ancestors are found on the Dawes roll, as survivors of forced removal and genocide from the East coast to present day Oklahoma.
We fight today for the survival of their memories.
To Honey, Wanishi (Thank you) Ktaholel. (I love you). This buisness was made in her honor.

My husband of 40 years, Mavin Boone, is our main Lapidary, I enjoy working stones, but he is has a working 
relationship with his stones and it is a joy to watch.  
We make all of our pieces here in our studio with turquoise we cut and polished by hand.
We collaborate together on most designs and the crafting of our pieces. It comes 
naturally after working together for 25 years. 
We are avid collectors of quality turquoise from around the world and have an extensive 
collection that will feed our jewelry making for decades to come. 
Let us know if you are looking for a special piece of turquoise, we can likely help you out.
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