Boone ancestor meets Delaware decendant

Sondra Boone is a registered member and recognized artist of the Delaware Tribe of Indians. As well as a registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
My mother was a Native artist known as honey, by those who knew her in the pow wow and art show world. She taught us to see the beauty in everything. Her love of turquoise led us to be collectors. We found our artist voice with these beautiful earth minerals. The memory of her beauty leads our creativity.

Our story is a rocky one full of history.
Marvin Boone was raised with the pride of being Boone, after all, their ancestors helped blaze the trail in the new world. They are in the history books, movies, stories.....
You can imagine how our lives clashed, him, proud of the Boone heritage.
Me, proud Native that had no idea it wasn't normal to be white and Native American.

The native culture does not give room for hate, love of the earth and each other, every creature, is the base of their beliefs. To be respectful of your ancestors, your children and those to come consumes them.

That respect has led us to feel the very powerful spirit of Turquoise. It has become a happy obsession. We feel that every step of this journey has been meant to be.
We are collectors of Turquoise from around the world to include many American
mines that have been closed for years. Turquoise has become quite expensive and collectable.
From our first piece of lapidary equipment to the first vintage stones, we have been blessed. We try to honor each piece.
You do not pick a "rock" to put in a setting, you let the stone tell you what it wants to be. Sounds silly, but I assure you it is not.

If we can find love and respect thru history, if we can create beauty with this earth, so can the world.
We honor Honey in this venture, if there was ever an angel on earth it was momma, and I am humbled that she is guiding us in this adventure. To Honey, Wanishi (Thank you) Ktaholel. (I love you).
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