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Exquisite 4.3lb Chrysocolla Drusy.
Must-Have Collector Minerals.
Malachite, Quartz & More

Drusy Chrysocolla, Malachite
Large Old Stock Shelf specimen stone.
Lapidary rough, High grade Collectors minerals.

Extremely rare natural large mineral specimen.

It has 1 side "faced" or polished to see the colors inside this treasure.
It has prized baby blue as well as a light to almost clear drusy from end to end.
It is 4.3 lbs. of Chrysocolla Drusy, or Druse.
7" x5"x4" beast of beauty at 4.3 pounds.

There are Blue and light blue to clear Crystallization inside.
Shows Malachite, Chrysocolla.
These are delicate stones and fracture easily, so care is needed
handling or "cutting" them.


This stone is heavy, there are a few "holes" showing the crystals inside.
On a few sides that range in color.
I have kept it as a shelf piece in my collection. I can't bring myself
to break this up, even as a lapidary and jewelry maker, I just can't do it.

These stones are rare to come by in whole form today. This came from the
Inspiration mine many years ago. This is a depleted and rare stone. From an
Arizona mine. A product of copper.

You may break it up to see what is inside, sale the pieces, make jewelry or
as I preferred, leave it as pandoras box.
The mystery is part of the wonder!

Chrysocolla Drusy - Collector Minerals - Malachite, Quartz Exquisite 4.3lb

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