Handcrafted from the finest Turquoise.  Collectors of vintage Southwest jewelry

Big belt series

Collectors of Vintage Navajo jewelry

Large jewelry series, Sonora Sunrise cuff on 10 strand beaded turquoise necklace

Sleeping Beauty turquoise cand coral

Charoite and sterling wedding party giftset. Custom order

Marvin doing his thing!

Vintage Kingman Turquoise, 1980s Larry Cooley

Sonora Sunrise

Nevada Turquoise, shades of green

Matching Brother Legacy rings

Bisbee turquoise over Royston turquoise

Royston Turquoise

Ithica Peak turquoise beaded necklace

Nacozari Turquoise jewelry

Natural vintage turquoise rough

Big Blue Stone....

Turquoise rough assorted mine

Sleeping Beauty turquoise nuggets

Natural turquoise rough

Natural turquoise rough

Natural rough turquoise

Translucent turquoise with pyrite

Translucent turquoise with pyrite

Vintage Morenci turquoise

Vintage Spiderweb nuggets

Sonora Sunrise designer cabochon/ butterfly wing

Inspiration mine gem silica

Golden Hills Turquoise

Golden Hills Turquoise

Chrysocolla Drusy

Chrysocolla Drusy

Grandmother/ granddaughter heritage rings. Sonora Sunrise

Carved Sonora Sunrise beaded necklace with Campitos Turquoise

Morenci Turquoise nugget, 14k gold

Campitos Turquoise, Sonora Sunrise. Minerals of Mexico

Ithica Peak Turquoise

Variscite Necklace

Damele nugget necklace

Nacozari turquoise, deep blue with Pyrite matrix

Kingman turquoise jewelry

Vintage Hubei turquoise

Big Turquoise series

Natural spiderweb turquoise #8

Vintage Kingman Rough, 1980s Larry Cooley turquoise

New Lander Chalcosiderite and Damele nuggets

Nacozari turquoise

Sonora Sunrise cuff

Sonora Sunrise/ Crimson Cuprite

Sonora Sunrise

Vintage Kingman Turquoise

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